Website Development

Whether you need a one-page website developed to get your new, small business online or a multi-page website for your medical practice, IDS can help you. We make the process easy. Our goal is to keep you engaged in the process.

Let’s face it, there are companies who develop websites everywhere today. It isn’t very hard to find someone who can build a website for you. With that being said, very few have a combined set of skills to satisfy most customers. It takes more than just computer skills to be a successful developer. You need to have people skills. The ability to listen to what the client wants and needs. To be able to ask the right questions, communicate effectively with them and provide results that make sense. Many of our clients have told us about their experiences when having a website or a presentation developed. We have built IDS from the ground up with feedback from clients and our own brand of new technology and old school values. Website Development is a crucial part of business today. Don’t let just anyone handle your online image.

What You Will Need


To start. You need a vision, a virtual picture (or a real one if you have one) of what you want. We will work with you to iron out the details. Every project starts with an idea or a vision. What you want, how you see it, how it will work, what it will do. We will explain options, suggest different types of technologies, and let you know what you can expect.

What You Will Get


We will provide you with a worksheet that you can complete that will outline many of the components of the project that you will need to make decisions on. We are here to help you with it, should you need us to. With IDS, you always have someone to help you with those things you may not understand.


YOU have questions… WE have answers

Do you register domain names for your clients?

We can register your domain, at your request. We register domains only for those clients who park their website on our servers. There is a fee for registering domains. If you want IDS to register a domain for you, let us know when contacting us so we can quote you a price that is accurate.

What software do you use to build your websites?

We primarily use WordPress. It is widely used and should you need to move your website to another developer, more designers know WordPress than any other CMS (content management system). We also use Adobe Muse.

How long does it take to build a typical website?

Every website is different. Some websites have a lot of multimedia content, others are text heavy and so on. A site with average text and media with common pages such as a home page, contact page, about us page and a few other pages (non-e-commerce) can be developed and deployed in as little as three weeks, given that the client has all of the content needed to develop the website.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Every website is unique in itself, therefore we are unable to give quotes without having a clear understanding of the clients wants and needs. We can say this, our prices are not only competitive, they are more reasonable than most other companies. We keep our overhead down and dont advertise outside of social media and local marketing efforts. This allows us to make our services more affordable. (We thought you’d appreciate that!)

Can we move our website to a different host?

Yes. Once your website has been developed, it can be “packaged” (zipped up) and sent to you so you can host it with a different hosting company. The client will be responsible for establishing an account with a new hosting company and setting the server up. IDS does NOT do website transfers to other hosting company’s.

Do we get an email account if we have you build our website?

Only if you host your website with IDS. We offer two “IMAP” email accounts at no cost for every domain we host. There is a fee if you require more than two accounts, however, that fee is very reasonable. If you have IDS develop your website but host it with another hosting company, we do not offer email accounts. If you host with IDS then move your site to another host, your emails will be deleted from our server after 30 days.

Do you update our website for free?

No. Before IDS builds your website, we will discuss your ongoing need for site updates, upgrades and support. We will put together a package that suits your needs moving forward. You will know exactly what your cost will be prior to IDS building your site.

What if I need updates made to my website?

If updates are needed to content on your website, such as adding blog posts or adding pictures to a gallery, it can be done by either IDS or someone else whom you choose. If you decide that you would like IDS to update your website, we will give you a price before any work is performed. When your website is developed, you will specify who you want to have access to your websites admin area. IDS will create accounts for all those users you request. Anyone who has a user account will be able, on some level, to edit your website.