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Whether you need a one-page website developed to get your new, small business online or a multi-page website for your medical practice, IDS can help you. Our goal is to keep you engaged in the process. Let’s face it, there are companies who develop websites everywhere today. It isn’t very hard to find someone who can build a website for you. With that being said, very few have a combined set of skills to satisfy most customers. It takes more than just computer skills to be a successful developer. You need to have people skills.

The developer must have the ability to listen to what the client wants and needs. To be able to ask the right questions, communicate effectively and provide results that make sense. Many of our clients have told us about their experiences when having a website developed. We have built IDS from the ground up, with feedback from clients and our own brand of new technology and old school values. Website Development is a crucial part of business today. Don’t let just anyone handle your online image.

What Platform Does IDS Build On?

We develop our clients websites using WordPress. For several reasons, starting with flexibility. Millions of websites are built using WordPress CMS. WordPress websites are relatively easy to build and are transferrable, which means if you want to change web hosting company’s or say you no longer want the original designer working on your site, the site can be “packaged up” and moved to another host in a very short amount of time. Other benefits to using wordpress are its vast number of “Plugins”. These add-ons allow greater functionality in your website from creating simple webpages to complex forms, ecommerce solutions and media integration such as images and video.

Do You Offer Support To Your Clients?

Yes, based on the website solution that the client chooses, there are several options to choose from.

Can IDS help me sell my products online

YES. IDS can develop an e-commerce solution for your website which will allow you to sell your products/services to your customers, from within your website.

Can IDS Register My Domain Name?

IDS will register the domain of your choice once a website solution has been purchased. As part of our “Internet Marketing” program, IDS will work with the client to make sure the domain you are seeking matches up with other names, such as social media names, so that the you have a uniform naming structure across your brand.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?

There is no clear cut price to build a website. That’s because every website is different. At IDS, we take a lot of pride in working with the customer and giving them the best value for their money. We know you work hard for your money and so will we. We will be happy to present a detailed proposal based on the information we collect from you regarding your wants, needs and expectations of your website.

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