IDS Presentations

Corporate Presentations

IDS creates stunning corporate presentations that will engage your audience while getting your message across. Using industry standard software, a focused approach and lots of creativity, your next presentation is sure to leave a lasting memory with those who view it.

At IDS, making sure your presentation goes off without a hitch is of the utmost importance to us. Because we feel this way, we go the extra mile when creating your presentation. When you order a set of slides from IDS, you get your slides and so much more. Every presentation includes a .pdf version AND a quicktime version*.

* When purchasing a Keynote or Powerpoint presentation only. Not included with Prezi presentations.

What You Will Need


Your company has a mission, a plan, and you need to convey that to your audience. Your goal is to get your viewers to buy into your message. Whether you have a current set of slides or you need to start from scratch, IDS can help. We can take your information, add some creative punch to it and create something that will make your company stand out. Whether it is being shared on a computer, a website or an auditorium for 500 people, your company will look professional and will leave a lasting impact on those who attend your presentation.

What You Will Get


Your audience will take notice of your presentation. They will take away more than just the content. They will remember how they were interested in the information because the slides weren’t plain or the “same ole” thing. Boring…Zzzz. An IDS presentation will be captivating and interesting with relative graphics, eye-catching colors and just enough WOW to keep them watching without going too far overboard with content. Your viewers will be engaged and that’s the idea.


YOU have questions… WE have answers

How long does it take to create a presentation?

That depends on a few factors, such as the number of slides required, type of content, is all of the content readily available. The typical presentation can be developed and ready for preview in 7 – 10 business days, in most cases.

What software do you use?

We develop on the three most common software platforms… Apple’s Keynote software, Microsoft’s PowerPoint Software and the web-based Prezi platform.

How many slides can I have in my presentation?

That is pure preference, however, we work with the client to create a presentation that compliments the speaker, not one that overshadows the speaker.

Can my presentation be updated after it has been delivered?

Yes, we understand that talks change and slides need to be added/deleted or have content updated.