Website maintenance is very important in keeping your online presence updated and free from security issues. Maintaining a website is fairly easy and doesn’t take a lot of time, yet so many companies don’t have a regular maintenance program in place for their website. The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care hired IDS to develop its website and has a weekly maintenance plan that keeps their website up-to-date.

The Leone Center for Orthopedic Care is the leading orthopedic care center in the United States and they attract patients from all around the world through their website. It is extremely important that their website be running optimally at all times.

As part of their plan IDS performs the following:

  • Verifies that the latest version of WordPress is installed
  • Updates any plugins that may need updating
  • Checks for outdated plugins and makes recommendations for replacing them with compatible ones
  • Performs a security check to confirm there are no obvious leaks where a hacker can enter the site
  • Backs up the website and the SQL database and stores in multiple locations both on AND off the clients server for redundant protection and date restoration, should it be required

We also submit a  maintenance report to them on a weekly basis which allows them to see what has been done and also keeps an ongoing record that can be referred to if needed. IDS creates a reports page for each client that has a maintenance plan which stores all of their reports. A convenient way to have a record of the work being done. Contact IDS today for your website needs and find out how we can develop your site and keep it updated and secure.