Is your website safe from hackers? Are you protected from Malware? Most people who have a website are familiar with the terms “hackers” and “malware” because they hear these terms when referring to their email, but don’t know if their website is protected against them. Imagine your clients were to go to your website and see the image below when your site opens?

Would you blame them for leaving and going somewhere else? Worse yet, what if they werent your clients yet but were looking to hire you? This could be devastating to your business.

Unfortunately, we live in a world with some really bad people who make a living out of hurting other peoples online reputation by hacking into their websites and installing malicious software, which will generate this type of automated warning from Google, and many other companies who detect hacked websites. Can this be avoided? To a degree, yes. Is anything foolproof? Absolutely not. All you can do is install a level of protection and make sure that you keep it updated. Like home security, there are many options to be had. At IDS, we have researched many of them and selected two company’s, that we use in tandem, to provide a very high level of security. Each company offers a different layer of security.

First, we work with a company that offers a high performing website firewall so attackers cant gain access should they be able to locate your website online. This firewall also generates reports so we, the developer, can see where the attacks are coming from and blacklist the IP Addresses that are attacking your site.

Second, we install a layer of what is known as “privacy through obscurity” which takes all of the known “Named” website files and changes them so your website becomes invisible to website scanners. These scanners, used by hackers, will scan the web looking for websites that can be identified and then start the process of accessing the known named files till they gain access and then it is too late, they are in.

Don’t be a victim to hackers. Take the steps required to keep them out and keep your website safe and most importantly, trusted by your clients, as well as those who want to be your client. Interactive Design Studios, can assist you with protecting your website for a very reasonable fee. The cost is less than a dollar a day to make sure your website is safe. That’s an investment worth looking into.