IDS takes a different approach to website development than many other studios. Of course we want to be known for creating stunning websites and clean designs, who doesn’t? But, as part of our strategy when launching IDS, we decided to take a deep look into our competition and listen to what people were saying about them, then learning from that feedback. I believe that strategy has paid off for us. At IDS, our mission is to make the client feel as though they made the right decision in hiring us. We want them to feel as important as the project. It is important to us that the client be involved as much as they can so they can experience the project growth.

As Patrick Cullen of Locksmith Security Hardware stated

We contacted Joe at IDS and he responded to us very quickly. He asked us what our goals were for the site, and actually listened to us. Unlike all the others who kept pushing ideas and technology on us, which we dont need. He made recommendations but always reinforced that the decision was ours. A true professional through and through. He always made us feel important in the process and he communicated with us so we always knew at what point the project was developing.

One of our strengths in working with our clients is our ability to respond quickly to their needs. Wether it is a phone call or an email, we respond fast. So fast in some cases that the client will say “I’m not used to being called back so fast”. At IDS, we don’t take on more than we can handle, which means we have the time to talk with our clients and have the availability they need from us to feel like we are working with them instead of against them.

Just another reason why you should take a serious look at IDS for your next web project. You will be glad that you did!